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Upgrade the current path to a cycle path and build a small section of the seawall to stop further coastal erosion

A Cycle Path connecting the existing paths between the B981 and C76

A Cycleway beside the Railway between Cardenden and Cartmore Industrial Estate would connect Lochgelly high school and Fife Cycle Park to Cardenden

Cycle paths along Halbeath road is possible since it is wide enough

There is no safe route north out of Glenrothes for walking and cycling, you have only the grass verge to walk along and cycling on a dual carriageway a safe path away from traffic would be ideal

There is no pavement connecting along Golf Course Road and Crompton Road

There is no cycle infrastructure that connects Golf Course Road to the Leisure Centre

Jonny Marshall's Loan, a Cycle and Footway between Glenrothes and Dunnikier would make it a much shorter journey between the two towns. It would also connect two colleges, the hospital and would be a great recreational route as well.

An accessible underpass here would be much better than a bridge. As the A92 is higher than the path approaching

The current cycle lanes are to narrow and are not safe for non-experienced cyclists. A segregated cycle path between Cowdenbeath and Kelty would connect the two towns much better

A safe segregated cycleway between Glenrothes and Windygates would make it much safer to get too Leven

A Seggeragated Cycle Way here would make it much safer to cycle between Woodend and Kinglassie and onto Glenrothes

The pavement is needing widened and resurfaced it is very dangerous.

Loads of room on very wide road for segregated cycle path between cardenden and lochgelly. Currently scary to ride due to very fast drivers. Could make a fantastic link between villages

There are currently three roads from Kirkcaldy to Dunfermline but none have safe cycle paths on them. This would be the ideal road for a segregated path which would link infrastructure already available in Dunfermerline and Kirkcaldy. … [more]

An old pavement runs the length of this road and could easily be made into a cycle path, substantially improving the links between Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy.

Used as a rat race for cars- supposed to be part of the national cycle network. It is the only quiet road to Lochgelly - but is very unsafe to ride on without a proper cycle path. With a cycle path, people could access things like the Fife … [more]

Cars are using the High Street as a road, even though it is supposedly pedestrianised. This is endangering pedestrians, making it hard to social distance and making the High Street an undesirable place to visit.

Narrow pavement and sub-standard 1.15m-wide cycle lane. At peak hours, there are streams of pedestrians, mainly students and school pupils, on both pavement and into the road, plus high numbers of eastbound cyclists, but eastbound cars … [more]

Needs to be converted to cycle path - drivers speeding make it unsafe currently

A cycle path is needed on this road to allow safe commuting for people to schools and workplaces in St Andrews.

Needs to be converted to cycle path - drivers speeding make it unsafe currently

A cycle path is needed on this road to allow safe commuting for people to schools and workplaces in St Andrews.

Overgrown trees

Cycleway/pavement along ridge road to St Andrews. Too many cars these days. Also good for walkers.

Cycle provision stops abruptly on a side street / pavement here, resulting in a disconnect between Pathhead and Promenade. Very off-putting. Create on-road cycle lane using one of the existing two car/street lanes.

Cycleway is unmarked on pavement, creating conflicts with residents exiting from their houses, and then the cycle way suddenly stops without direction nor continuation. It would be much better the cycleway would be marked continuous on … [more]

Road too narrow and busy for safe, healthy cycling.

Unsafe road, especially for children walking or cycling into St Andrews from Strathkinness. Off-road bike/walking path needed. Will also reduce car traffic.

Narrow section of Fife Coastal Path between Dalgety Bay and Inverkeithing, a joint footway / cycle way. Overgrown vegetation on the section west of Seafield House limits space for walkers and cyclists to pass safely

A fantastic opportunity to get a cycle way to St. Andrews - currently feels too unsafe. Would be so good for the environment and residents.

Wider pavement for pedestrians and cyclists going to Queen Anne school

Busy road. Cycleway needed to connect Pittencrieff Park to Queensferry Ro@d cycleway

Make this a safe cycleway

Put a pavement in - there is not one - there is no continuous footpath along Ridgeway from one end to the other, many of the drop kerbs are also missing

Traffic too fast. Traffic calming needed and a cycle path.

The path narrows quite a lot cycling from the kirk towards the sailing club

There is only pavement on one side of the road, meaning you have to step onto a busy road to pass people. A wider pavement, or pavement on both sides of the road would help

Path becomes very narrow for short period causing congestion for walkers and cyclists.

Dedicated cycle path (not painted lines on the road) to Crossgates

Path too narrow for 2 metre distance

Starting here along the coastal path till the end of seal strand is very very narrow

Nowhere to lock up a bike (between health centre or library). Think at least one bike rail should be considered for most public buildings and health centres.

There is no way to safely cycle from Strathkinness to St Andrews. If there were a cycle path lots of us could cycle to work or school on a daily basis.

David Russell Hall to Doubledykes road; currently a narrow painted 'cycle lane' which cars frequently park in.

Please add a cycleway along the High Road from St Andrews to Strathkinness

Create on-road cycle lane. Current Cycleway is marked as shared pavement but seriously narrowed by 'street furniture' and temporary signage. Pavement is far too narrow for shared use and cycle path stops abruptly before the … [more]

To help cross fast road. Pedestrian crossing would be better.

No brainer!!!! should have already been done!!! how can a path from Crail be nearly finished but Strath to St. A is still being 'considered'?????

It is clear we need a cycle path here. This would also encourage cyclists to use this route than other more dangerous routes such as the Craigtoun road, which would benefit from a footpath to the park, or signage to guide you via Mount … [more]

There is no pavement on this route, it is very unsafe to walk at present, this would be an easy route to walk St Andrews to Strathkinness if pavement was there.

Very small path given high volume of pedestrians and cyclists

For children to safely walk to the new Madras College from Strathkinness

The High Road is only a short distance between Strathkinness and St Andrews yet nobody can walk/cycle safely here. Cars speed along and there is nowhere safe to jump out of the way. I’m surprised there haven’t been more fatalities- probably … [more]

Strathkinness is so cut off from St Andrews unless you have a car!! Please let us leave our cars at home and cycle or walk this short distance. It’s a win win idea!! More exercise, less pollution, less cars in St Andrews, less need for … [more]

The High Road is a twisty dangerous road at the moment. It’s frustrating as it is such a short distance from St Andrews yet everyone living in Strathkinness and around this area has to drive 2 miles to get to town!! Please give a a … [more]

Strathkinness is such a short distance to St Andrews yet we cannot walk or cycle because the High Rd is full of speeding cars and vans. We need a Cyclepath or a pavement. So many people would use this including children cycling to the new … [more]

We cannot walk what is a short distance to time because it is too dangerous with speeding cars and vans. Please give us a pavement

It’s too unsafe to cycle on the High Road at the moment which is very frustrating as it would be so easy with a Cyclepath. I work in the University and my children go to school at Madras. We would all cycle if we could and leave our car at … [more]

If there was a Cyclepath or pavement on the High Rd between Strathkinness and St Andrews it would mean people and children could walk/cycle safely into town and leave the car at home. It is too dangerous to walk or cycle at the moment. With … [more]

Pathway so we can walk or cycle to St Andrews

Needs a cycle way / footpath for cyclists walkers and runners. Very family friendly route between Strathkinness and St. Andrews just not very friendly road.

A footpath along the High Road would make the walk into St Andrews much safer.

Safe path needed for walking/cycling to St Andrews

There are loads of babies and toddlers in the village who would benefit from a cycle path to connect us to St. Andrews. It’s currently not safe to cycle with a bike carrier because you can’t get out of the way quickly if a car is coming. … [more]

There should be a cycle and walking path. It is so dangerous to walk into the town and back but is easily walkable/bikeable with a path and would help health and the need to drive.

There needs to be a shared cycleway and footpath linking Strathkinness and St Andrews including to the university and new madras

Strathkinness-St Andrews could be easily travelled by bike or on foot but with the current narrow road (and no speed limiting measures for cars) it feels too unsafe. A cycleway would make environmentally friendly travel much more feasible.

We need a cyclcway from here to Strathkinness. Most people who live in Strathkinness commute to St Andrews by car daily. Many would cycle if it was safe to do so.

I am a cyclist who regularly uses the Strathkinness High Road as part of my route, my concern is the speed of vehicles on the narrow sections which could be avoided if there was a cycle/footpath.

It is just 2.25 miles from here to David Russell Apartments and connection to the St Andrews town cycle paths. If there was a cycleway here my family and I would definitely cycle to St Andrews daily, rather than using our cars to commute.

Safe route to new school required.

Safe route to new school required.

Many commuters from strathkinness to St. Andrews on the high road but road is too busy currently too cycle with dangerous bends

Cycleway so kids can get to school safely

The High Road is narrow with several steep bends. A cycleway and footpath would make the rout much safer for those travelling by bike or on foot.

Between strathkinness and st andrews there is no provision for cyclists or pedestrians. there is a new school being built on the starthkinness side of st andrews and it would be good for pupils to be able to walk or cycle to school safely … [more]

No safe cycle path. Needed to encourage non car use for cyclists of all ages between Strathkinness and St.Andrews.

Fast moving traffic along here between St Andrews and Strathkinness means it is too dangerous to walk between along here.

Roads are unsafe for walking and cycling and we desperately need a cycle path between Strathkinness and st Andrews

Need to cycle and walk safely to St Andrews.

Too much traffic and heavy goods vehicles using the roads around Strathkinness to short cut into St Andrews. The roads are not wide enough for the traffic using them. A no access apart from resident should be put on the road for Peak times … [more]

No footpath. Footpath required to allow safe access between Strathkninness and Bishop's wood, for school groups and exercise.

The high road into St Andrews is not safe for walking or cycling too narrow and speeding traffic short cutting into St Andrews

Proximity of cars to padestrians and cyclists. Close road to cars or significantly widen route to seperate different user groups.

This is a very busy road . A cycle path would allow access to Craigtoun Park in a safe and environmentally suitable way. It would encourage families to leave the car behind.

No footpath out the village. The road is dangerous for pedestrians.

Quite a busy road and with increased use when new school comes on stream a dedicated cycle / footpath is required for road safety. It would also encourage healthy travel patterns with a safe environment.

A cycle/footpath on the Strathkinness High Road has been an aspirational project for decades. Fife Council and Sustrans seemed close to bringing the project to fruition but sadly it was dropped for financial reasons. The pathway should have … [more]

There is a blind summit here and not all drivers are patient enough to wait until they have a clear view before overtaking cyclists. A cycle path would improve safety, and encourage more people to cycle to St Andrews for work, school and … [more]

No cycle path, very dangerous. Need a cycle path to St Andrew's.

To make walking and cycling between Strathkinness and St Andrews a safe option for children and families, the easiest and most cost-effective way would surely to be to close the High Road to through traffic. I love driving this road for … [more]

A historically quiet rural road now buzzing with cars. It would be great if there could be a cycleway or footpath from Strathkinness to St. Andrews to keep the public safe and also very happy. I know it would mean a lot to the village and … [more]

Make a cyclepath

Before new school opens the children of Strathkinness need a safe way to travel to school either walking or cycling. Preferably both.

With the increased uptake in cycling and walking a cycle path/walkway between Strathkinness and St Andrews is necessary to ensure safety for both pedestrians and cyclists. Due to the narrowness of the road the implementation of a one way … [more]

The new Madras College wi be open to pupils within the next 18 months so it would be ideal for the kids to cycle/walk to the new school from Strathkinness

As a car driver, visibility of both pedestrians and cyclists - many more this year - is not good round bends in this road, with the growth on the verges also obscuring what is ahead. At certain times of the year this is a bad road for very … [more]

A walkway between Strathkinness and St Andrews has been on the agenda for years - lets do this now, cut CO2, get some exercize and let the kids walk/ cycle to school safely

No cycle path

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